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The Chicolino company Restoration needed a small application Web to negotiate the sale online of entrances for the celebration that organized in its restaurant in Fin de Año. In order to take it to end, the implantation of a Virtual TPV was necessary, reason why it was necessary to program all the system of the purchase online.

In the public zone was a page with information regarding the celebration along with a payment form, which was in charge to send the data for its management and connection with the bank. Once realised the payment, the user could unload or print the entrance generated in pdf and totally customized (images, corresponding bar code, etc.), in addition to being sent automatically by email.

In the private zone (backend), it was possible to be listed all the entrances sold along with a validador of entrances that read the code of each entrance with a reader of bar code and verified if the code existed either if the code or had been read (to know that the entrance was valid).

Category: Applications Web|Date: December 2015

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