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Development Web to size - Nautical Piñeiro


The company of Nautical Piñeiro has trusting in us so that we put to him to roll the webpage to sell its products by Internet.

This project is 4º that never undertakes the company for the sale online but by far success, and this time, yes and thanks to our services we have obtained that more visits have many, sales than before it was almost impossible to arrive at them.

The store online based on Prestashop with an exclusive design has been developed, exported all the products, lists of credits, images that they had in the previous Web, carried out a work of SEO of the webpage for his natural positioning in Internet, etc.

He has been superb to work with the people of Nautical Piñeiro and that finally sees the fruits of a so concerted effort

Thanks to our exclusive design for the client, many of their clients have congratulated to the company by the facility at the time of sailing by their new Web, we felt proud!

Category: Stores Online|Date: August 2017

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