ElMuelle new features

Connection of Internet

Again in a joint work with Hispania Security and Protection, the installation of WiFi antennas has been realised, to take Internet of high speed to zones where by general norm usually they do not happen of 1Megabyte/s, causing serious problems to the clients at the time of working.

In the first case, speeds between 20-35Megabyte/s have been obtained, thus being able to be able to give support to all the needs of the client, being able to signal WiFi to all the clients without you cut and to work comfortably in the office.

In the second case, and with a separation of around 3Km, one has settled down some connections of 20Megabyte/s, being able to fix the problems that they had until that moment with the speed of Internet, nonsuperior to 1Megabyte.

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