Design and Development Professional Web

Responsive design

Adapted designs to movable devices (tablets, etc.), customized and unique. We did not use groups.

Programming to size

We create a programming customized and adapted to your needs, using an own manager of contents.

Stores Online

Design and personalisation of stores online using the PrestaShop motor. Installation, configuration and advising.

In the world of Internet the first impressions are fundamental and a design outstanding Web is the key of the success. The users want a comfortable and simple navigation, and look for attractive sites that they offer it.

In ElMuelle we counted on the experience necessary to realise from projects of low cost (as one-pages or very simple Webs) to projects more complex than they require of programming and design Web with diverse functionalities.

Why to choose to us?

  • We adapted to your needs. Each client is different and therefore she must have a Web adapted to his business.
  • Exclusive designs. Exclusive designs for each client, using the last technologies and adapting us to the tendencies. We did not use predesigned groups.
  • Designs responsive. Our webpages are optimized for any movable device, smartphone, tablet and any navigator.
  • Webpages optimized for SEO. Your Web will be realised with the basic aspects to improve search engine optimization.

How we worked?


To speak

We maintain a meeting with you so that you tell us what you need, your ideas and all that one necessary one to take to end your project.


To budget

Once we know what you need, we will at the meeting realise a budget to you on the basis of the conclusions and obtained ideas of the first point.


To design

We will make a proposal to you of design of the Web, of this form you will know beforehand how it will be and if something you do not like, we changed it.


To implement

We implement the Web (HTML, CSS, PHP, etc.). We will facilitate a temporary URL to you where you will be able to see in real time how it is being your Web.

Plans of Design Web


from 450‚¬

(without I.V.A)

  • Webpage self-managementable
  • Own manager of contents
  • Design exclusive Web
  • Slider of images
  • Form of contact
  • Map of location
  • Section of the news
  • Galleries of images
  • Galleries of videos
  • Etc.

Stores Online

from 750‚¬

(without I.V.A)

  • Webpage self-managementable
  • Motor Web PrestaShop
  • Basic formation including
  • Installation and configuration
  • Design exclusive Web
  • Basic insertion of the catalogue
  • Slider of images
  • Product catalogue
  • Footbridge of payment
  • Etc.

Applications Web

* To consult *

  • Installation in the premises or Web server
  • Access to users restricted
  • Listings with filters
  • Generation of information (PDF)
  • Management of users
  • Specific finders
  • Calculations of operations
  • Control of services, tasks€¦
  • Impression of labels
  • Etc.

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