Courses Plan AFD Xunta of Galicia

Gratuitous formation

The courses are subsidized by the Xunta of Galicia, reason why they are totally gratuitous for the pupils.

Help to the Pupils

The students who accede to the courses will receive diverse financial helps based on the requirements that fulfill.

Certificates of Professionalism

The students who finalize the courses satisfactorily will obtain the certificate of corresponding professionalism.

The occupational professional formation must as objective qualify to the unemployed people for its integration in the labor market. It is regulated in Plan AFD (Plan of Formative Actions directed primarily to unemployed workers and workers), although can also choose to her the workers in active-duty.

The courses that are included in Plan AFD are subsidized 100%, reason why they are totally gratuitous for the pupils. In addition, unemployed/the unemployed ones will receive help when realising the course, as long as they fulfill the requirements of these help.

ElMuelle is a center accredited as Collaborating Center of Occupational Formation of the Xunta of Galicia with number of Census 15H00875, which implies that we are in favor authorized of the Xunta of Galicia to distribute occupational formation.

Requirements to accede to the courses

  • To be resident of the Community where one went away to distribute the course
  • To be inscrito/a as plaintiff of use in the use offices
  • To own the experience and/or specific degree for each course

Our Homologations

  • IFCD0210DESENVOLVEMENTO of Aplicacións with Tecnoloxías Web
  • COML0309ORGANIZACIÓN and Xestión de Almacéns
  • ADGD0308ACTIVIDADES of Administrative Xestión
  • IFCD0110CONFECCIÓN and Publication of Páxinas Web
  • IFCD0211SISTEMAS of Xestión de Información
  • ADGG0508OPERACIÓNS of Gravación and Tratamento de Datos and Documentos
  • IFCT0609PROGRAMACIÓN of Computer science Systems
  • Commercial COMT0411XESTIÓN of Bandage
  • SSCB0211DIRECCIÓN and Coordination of Activities of Free Tempo Educative Infantil and Xuvenil
  • Documentary ADGG0308ASISTENCIA and of Xestión in Offices and Offices
  • Computer science IFCT0109SEGURIDADE
  • ADGN0108FINANCIACIÓN of Companies
  • Auxiliary ADGG0408OPERACIÓNS of Servizos Administrativos and Xerais
  • IFCI17TÉCNICO in Software Ofimático
  • IFCT0509ADMINISTRACIÓN of Servizos de Internet
  • ADGD0210CREACIÓN and Xestión de Microempresas
  • Administrative ADGG0208ACTIVIDADES na Relation Co Client
  • SSCB0110DINAMIZACIÓN, Programación and Desenvolvemento de Accións Culturais
  • COMT0110ATENCIÓN ao Client, Usuary Consumer ou
  • ADGD0108XESTIÓN Contable and Administrative Xestión for Audit
  • IFCT0610ADMON. and Prog. in Systems of Planif. of Empres Resources. and of Xest. of Relac. with Clients
  • Labor SSCG0109INSERCIÓN for Persoas with Discapacidade

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