Hosting & Registry of Domains

Hosting Web

It lodges your webpage in professional ours hosting. Perfect as much for individuals, as companies.

Registry of Domains

It registers your domain at the moment and selects between diverse extensions: .es, .com, .com .es, .net, and many more.

Backups service Remote

We have space so that you can realise your backup copies in ours datacenters.

In ElMuelle we have an ample range of servers of last generation, with systems RAID installed, daily backup copies, servant of analysis of mail in search of virus, Spam, etc. so that you can safely lodge your webpages and that you do not have to worry about anything.

In addition to the plans of hosting that we offer, also we give to the possibility of hosting, to size stable and burglaryable you, that adapts to your specific needs. Llámanos and we will elaborate a plan to you to your measurement!

Dedicated servers VPS and

Also we counted so much with servers VPS as dedicated. If you need an own servant with connections 1GB of speed you do not doubt in requesting estimated us, we will offer an agreed servant to you to your needs.

Backups service Remote

If what interests is to maintain the data to you of your company out of danger, this is your better option. With our service of backup copies in remote you will be able to safeguard all the information of your company in ours datacenters. Your information will be protected against physical and technological robberies, fires, floods, ascents of tension, etc. Confidentiality and guaranteed security 100%!

Basic Backup


(without I.V.A)

  • Disc space: 300GB
  • FTP/Web access

Advanced Backup


(without I.V.A)

  • Disc space: 1TB
  • FTP/Web access

It lodges your Web in Our Servers

Easy management

All our plans of hosting include cPanel, a simple Control Panel with which you will be able to administer your lodging.

Applications Web

Our professional plan includes applications as WordPress, Prestashop, etc. so that you can install you yourself your own application.

Powerful servers

Our servers use the best components hardware. They are powerful and fast, guaranteeing therefore a high stability.

Protection Spam

All our plans count on filters antiSpam and anti-virus for e-mail, to reduce to the maximum to the entrance of post office trash.

Backup copies

We know the important thing that it is the information, by that reason we realised daily, weekly and monthly backup copies.

Burglaryable lodging

Has Your plan remained little? You even need more space or a dedicated servant? It changes of plan without no cost.

Migration Web

We free were in charge of the transfer of your domain and webpage to our company. It conserves your Web, your e-mail, etc.


We were in charge to review the servers daily so that always they are updated and to guarantee thus its optimal yield.

Plans of Hosting

Plan Mail


42‚¬/año (without I.V.A)

  • Mailboxes MGP: 10
  • Monthly traffic: 50GB
  • Disc space: 5GB
  • Supported domains: 1
  • Subdominios: 0
  • Data bases: 0
  • Space Web: Not allowed

Starter plan


72‚¬/año (without I.V.A)

  • Mailboxes MGP: 15
  • Monthly traffic: 75GB
  • Disc space: 7GB
  • Supported domains: 1
  • Subdominios: 0
  • Data bases: 0
  • Page of courtesy (logo + contact data)

Professional plan


100‚¬/año (without I.V.A)

  • Mailboxes MGP: 50
  • Monthly traffic: 150GB
  • Disc space: 12GB
  • Supported domains: 1
  • Subdominios: 1
  • Data bases: 5

Advanced plan


175‚¬/año (without I.V.A)

  • Mailboxes MGP: 125
  • Monthly traffic: 150GB
  • Disc space: 20GB
  • Supported domains: 3
  • Subdominios: 5
  • Data bases: limitless

Also we realised customized plans on the basis of your needs. Llámanos without commitment.

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