Management of Subsidy

In ElMuelle we transacted any subsidy directed to independent companies or related to the new technologies of the information.

The procedure is totally gratuitous, the only commitment that you acquire with us is the one of the purchase of the material whenever the asked for subsidy is granted.

What type of subsidy we transacted?

  • Computer science security (backup copies, anti-virus, firewalls, etc.)
  • Monitoring and security (installation and maintenance of equipment of security, cameras of monitoring, etc.)
  • Design of webpages, stores of electronic commerce, etc.
  • Computer science equipment, incorporation of the new technologies to the enterprise scope: equipment of laser tablecloth, portable, printing, multifunctions, etc.
  • Servers of data for copies, to centralize documents and information, etc.
  • Any other subsidy whose main object qualifying for funding is the new technologies.

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